Septembr 24, 2020

We are expanding and RISING, so were inspired to refresh our look and name!

Hello All, we are the NORMAN COLLECTIVE FOR RACIAL JUSTICE. We advocate for marginalized community members who are most vulnerable to challenges such as homelessness, mental health crisis, drug and addiction rehabilitation, racial inequities, and child welfare, by defunding the police.

We defended our community on June 16th for 11 hours, just 3 days before Freedom Day-Juneteenth, by advocating that the NPD be defunded, resulting in an $865,000 reduction in a planned increase in their budget (a breadcrumb-sized fraction of the current NPD budget). We asked that those funds be made available for those who are in DESPERATE need during a global pandemic.

We follow the leadership of the national Movement For Black Lives. We are dedicated to expediting transformative social justice through full access to food security, home stability, mental/health support, child care, safe police alternatives, and REPARATIONS for the systemically oppressed.

Speaking of Norman, we acknowledge that NC4RJ is grass-rooted in Norman, or rather, Apache, Caddo, Absentee Shawnee, Kiowa, Kickapoo, Osage, and Wichita lands. Norman, OK was also a “Sundown Town” until 1967.

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